2017 International Touring Cup season

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2017 International Touring Cup season
Competition International Touring Cup
Platform Used 397rFactor2.png rFactor 2
Rounds 8
Mod Used NGTC Custom
Vehicle(s) Honda, Ford, Toyota, BMW
Tyre Supplier(s) Dunlop D
Teams 17
Drivers' Champion Netherlands Rudy van Buren
Teams' Champion England Vod:Bul Racing
International Touring Cup Seasons
2013/14 · 2014 · 2015 · 2016 · 2017 · 2018
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International Touring Cup
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The 2017 International Touring Cup was the fifth running of the GPVWC International Touring Cup. Adrian Holm entered the season as the reigning Drivers' Champion, but Enterprise GP elected not to defend their Teams' Championship trophy. Dutchman Rudy van Buren became the first non-Swede to win the Drivers' Championship and Vod:Bul Racing won the Teams' Championship.


Race Weekend Format

19:15 GMT ~ Free Practice
19:35 GMT ~ Qualifying
19:50 GMT ~ Warmup
20:00 GMT ~ Race One Start
20:20 GMT ~ Warmup
20:30 GMT ~ Race Two Start
20:50 GMT ~ Warmup
21:00 GMT ~ Race Three Start

Second and Third race start times dependent on the finishing time of the preceding race, with roughly a 10 minute warmup/break period in-between.

Teams and drivers

International Touring Cup Team Base Team Car Tyre No. Drivers Rounds
England Vod:Bul Racing

England Liverpool, England

Vod:Bul Honda Civic G 0   TBC
2   TBC
Sweden Ice Cold Racing

Sweden Gothenburg, Sweden

Ice Cold Honda Civic G 3   TBC
4   TBC
England Aurora Motorsports

England Salisbury, England

Aurora Honda Civic G 5 England Lewis McGlade
6 Germany Nicolas Hillebrand 1
England James Wilson
England Epic Racing Team

England Banbury, England

Epic BMW 125i G 7   TBC
8   TBC
England Zedderick Racing

England Portishead, England

Zedderick Ford Focus G 9 England David Fidock
10 Croatia David Frančić
England Kernow Sport

England St. Austell, England

Kernow Honda Civic G 11 England Rob Mason
12 England Mark Wicks
Japan Cosmo Seiki Japan

Japan Hamamatsu, Japan

Cosmo Honda Civic G 14   TBC
15   TBC
England Doug Henson Racing

England England

DHR Honda Civic G 16 England Adam Hodgkinson
17 Netherlands Neils Brugman
Wales Fanatec Draig Racing

Wales Hirwaun, Wales

Draig BMW 125i G 18 Wales Matt Richards
19 England Stefan McCready
England Elite Racing Motorsport

England Leeds, England

ERM Honda Civic G 20 England Eric Stanford
21   TBC
England Idos Motorsport

England Sussex, England

Idos Ford Focus G 22   TBC
23   TBC
England MDR Motorsports

England Huntingdon, England

MDR BMW 125i G 24 England Ryan Nash
25 Netherlands Wesley Stefano
Netherlands Racing Team Schroten

Netherlands Bennekom, The Netherlands

RTS BMW 125i G 26   TBC
27   TBC
Netherlands Rowen GP

Netherlands Gorinchem, The Netherlands

Rowen Honda Civic G 28 Netherlands Tristen Potters
29 Netherlands Fabian Rudde
England SlipStream Racing

England England

SlipStream Honda Civic G 30   TBC
31   TBC
England THR

England Leeds, England

THR BMW 125i G 32 England Chris Butcher
33   TBC
England YTF1

England Bath, England

YTF1 Toyota Corolla G 34 England Ben Willis 1-3, 5-8
35 England Jacob Reid 2
England Matthew Allington 3, 5-8

Team Changes

New and returning entries

2017 Calendar

Round Race Title Event Circuit Conditions Platform Date Time
1 British Touring Cup 2017 British Touring Cup United Kingdom Donington Park, North West Leicestershire TBC RFactor2.png rFactor 2 17th August 12 19:00
2 Belgian Touring Cup 2017 Belgian Touring Cup Belgium Circuit Zolder, Heusden-Zolder TBC RFactor2.png rFactor 2 31st August 12 19:00
3 Polish Touring Cup 2017 Polish Touring Cup Poland Tor Poznań, Poznań TBC RFactor2.png rFactor 2 14th September 12 19:00
4 Dutch Touring Cup 2017 Dutch Touring Cup Netherlands Circuit Park Zandvoort, Zandvoort TBC RFactor2.png rFactor 2 28th September TBC 19:00
5 French Touring Cup 2017 French Touring Cup France Circuit de la Sarthe (Bugatti Circuit), Le Mans TBC RFactor2.png rFactor 2 12th October 11 19:00
6 Australian Touring Cup 2017 Australian Touring Cup Australia Adelaide Street Circuit, Adelaide
(V8 Circuit)
TBC RFactor2.png rFactor 2 26th October 14 19:00
7 American Touring Cup 2017 American Touring Cup United States Portland International Raceway, Portland TBC RFactor2.png rFactor 2 9th November 15 19:00
8 Brazilian Touring Cup 2017 Brazilian Touring Cup Brazil Autódromo José Carlos Pace, São Paulo TBC RFactor2.png rFactor 2 23rd November 11 19:00
each round consists of three races of equal length.

Calendar changes

  • The calander was expanded back to 8 rounds in length having regressed to 6 rounds for 2016.
  • The British, Polish, French and Brazilian Touring Cups were all retained at their 2016 venues for the 2017 season.
  • The Belgian and American Touring Cups returned to the calander after a 1-year absence and the Australian Touring cup also returned, having been absent since 2014.
  • The Dutch Touring Cup would be held for the first time in 2017.