2018 International Touring Cup season

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2018 International Touring Cup season
Competition International Touring Cup
Platform Used 397rFactor2.png rFactor 2
Rounds 8
Mod Used NGTC Custom
Vehicle(s) Honda, Mercedes, MG, Subaru, Vauxhall
Tyre Supplier(s) Dunlop D
Teams 30
Drivers' Champion
Teams' Champion
International Touring Cup Seasons
2013/14 · 2014 · 2015 · 2016 · 2017 · 2018
GPVWC series in 2018
Career Ladder

Formula Challenge

Independent Series

International Touring Cup
World GT

The 2018 International Touring Cup will be the sixth running of the GPVWC International Touring Cup. Rudy van Buren is the reigning Drivers' Champion and Vod:Bul Racing the reigning Teams' Champions.


Race Weekend Format

19:15 GMT ~ Free Practice
19:35 GMT ~ Qualifying
19:50 GMT ~ Warmup
20:00 GMT ~ Race One Start
20:20 GMT ~ Warmup
20:30 GMT ~ Race Two Start
20:50 GMT ~ Warmup
21:00 GMT ~ Race Three Start

Second and Third race start times dependent on the finishing time of the preceding race, with roughly a 10 minute warmup/break period in-between.

Teams and drivers

International Touring Cup Team Base Team Car Tyre No. Drivers Rounds
England ACR Zakspeed

England Liverpool, England

ACR Honda Civic G 0 England Chris Butcher 1
2 England Jack Keithley 1
England Epic Racing Team

England Banbury, England

Epic Honda Civic G 3 England Chris Shepherd 1
4 England David Fidock 1
England Aurora Motorsports

England Salisbury, England

Aurora Honda Civic G 5 England Lewis McGlade 1
6 England Kyle Benton
Wales Fanatec Draig Racing

Wales Hirwaun, Wales

Draig MG 6 G 7 England Ben Willis 1
8 Wales Matt Richards 1
Netherlands Racing Team Schroten

Netherlands Bennekom, The Netherlands

RTS Subaru Levorg G 9 England Philip Morby 1
10 Brazil Pedro Delgado 1
England Idos Motorsport

England Sussex, England

Idos Mercedes A45 AMG G 11 England Jack Mayor 1
12 England Matthew Clipp 1
England YTF1

England Bath, England

YTF1 Honda Civic G 14 Sweden Johan Lindberg 1-2, 4-8
England Matthew Allington 3
15 England Adrian Campfield All
Netherlands Rowen GP

Netherlands Gorinchem, The Netherlands

Rowen Vauxhall Astra G 16 United States Jack Diviney 1
Netherlands Tristen Potters
17 Netherlands Fabian Rudde 1
Netherlands CM-Tech Racing

Netherlands Schoonhoven, The Netherlands

CM-Tech Subaru Levorg G 18 Italy Daniele Brambilla 1
19 Netherlands Wopke Hoekstra 1
Belgium Edge Esports

Belgium Zolder, Belgium

Edge Subaru Levorg G 20 Slovenia Kevin Siggy 1
21 England Muhammed Patel 1
Netherlands Edonis Engineering

Netherlands Groningen, The Netherlands

Edonis Honda Civic G 22 Macedonia Erhan Jajovski 1
23 Belgium Arne Schoonvliet 1
England Enterprise Pulsars

England Bromley, England

Enterprise Vauxhall Astra G 24 Hungary Gergo Baldi 1
25 Netherlands Neils Brugman 1
England Smile Power Racing

England Bristol, England

Smile Power Vauxhall Astra G 26 England Mike Bell 1
27 Hungary Adam Pinczes 1
Australia Red Bull Streetfighter Racing Systems

Australia Sydney, Australia

Streetfighter Honda Civic G 28 Sweden Eric Stranne 1
29 Sweden Tobias Olsson 1
England TTF Racing

England London, England

TTF Vauxhall Astra G 30 England Tyrone Frith 1
31 Estonia Rauno Muru 1
International Touring Cup Team Base Team Car Tyre No. Drivers Rounds
England BirelArtUK Series Racing

England England

BirelArt Mercedes A45 AMG G 32 England Harry Graham 1
33 Germany Kevin Peters 1
England Tom Davison
England Downforce Racing

England Norwich, England

Downforce Mercedes A45 AMG G 34 Greece Lazaros Filippakos 1
35 Netherlands Jeroen van Wissen 1
England Jake Sanson
Netherlands Flag-to-Flag Simracing

England Guildford, England

FTF Honda Civic G 36 Belgium Tom Lombaerts 1
37 Germany Peter Schulze 1
Scotland Cameron Rodger
Netherlands Frami Autosport

Netherlands The Netherlands

Frami Honda Civic G 38   TBC
39   TBC
England Fusion Racing

England England

Fusion Honda Civic G 40 England George Sutton 1
41 Netherlands Ruben van den Hudding 1
Sweden GOTeam Racing

Sweden Göteborg, Sweden

GOTeam Honda Civic G 42 Sweden Georgi Nedev 1
43 Colombia Oliver Silva 1
Sweden Alexander Hederby
South Africa MadCape Racing Team

South Africa Cape Town, South Africa

MadCape Honda Civic G 44   TBC
45   TBC
England Powered By RSR

England England

RSR Vauxhall Astra G 48 England Ryan Elliott 1
49 England Nathan Hammond 1
Germany Schubert Motorsport eRacing

Germany Germany

Schubert Vauxhall Astra G 50   TBC
51   TBC
England Shift Gear Racing

England England

Shift Gear Honda Civic G 52 England Ross Woodford 1
53 Peru Miguel de los Rios 1
Canada TCS Off Racing

Canada Canada

TCS Off Vauxhall Astra G 54 United States Christopher Larson 1
55 England Nathanael Lupson 1
Poland Adrian Faber
England Team GTHub

England England

GTHub Honda Civic G 56 Netherlands Dylan Canton 1
57 Ireland James Egan
England Joshua Penny
England Team Rookie Monsters

England England

TRM Vauxhall Astra G 58 England Richard Dempsey 1
59 United States Hugh North 1
England Peter Jones
Netherlands THUnderdog

Netherlands The Netherlands

THU Mercedes A45 AMG G 60 Aaland Marcel Boer
61 Netherlands Rienk Hoekstra 1
Estonia W2TE Racing

Estonia Estonia

W2TE Vauxhall Astra G 62 Estonia Sander Palu 1
63 Estonia Timo Loodis 1
Estonia Armin Mangel

1PD Motorsport were set to enter Division 2 but withdrew their entry prior to the start of the season. Their provisional numbers (46 and 47) were not re-allocated.

New and returning entries

  • Such was the demand from new and returning teams that the ITC was split into two divisions for 2018.

2018 Calendar

Round Race Title Event Circuit Conditions Platform Date Time
1 Polish Touring Cup 2018 Polish Touring Cup Poland Tor Poznań, Poznań TBC RFactor2.png rFactor 2 23rd August 12 19:00
2 French Touring Cup 2018 French Touring Cup France Circuit de la Sarthe, Le Mans
(Bugatti Circuit)
TBC RFactor2.png rFactor 2 6th September 11 19:00
3 Italian Touring Cup 2018 Italian Touring Cup Italy Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli, Emilia-Romagna TBC RFactor2.png rFactor 2 20th September 11 19:00
4 British Touring Cup 2018 British Touring Cup United Kingdom Brands Hatch, West Kingsdown
(GP Circuit)
TBC RFactor2.png rFactor 2 4th October 12 19:00
5 Chinese Touring Cup 2018 Chinese Touring Cup China Zhuhai International Circuit, Guangdong TBC RFactor2.png rFactor 2 18th October 10 19:00
6 Japanese Touring Cup 2018 Japanese Touring Cup Japan Okayama International Circuit, Mimasaka TBC RFactor2.png rFactor 2 1st November 12 19:00
7 Brazilian Touring Cup 2018 Brazilian Touring Cup Brazil Autódromo Internacional de Curitiba, Pinhais TBC RFactor2.png rFactor 2 15th November 12 19:00
8 United States Touring Cup 2018 United States Touring Cup United States Virginia International Raceway, Alton
(North Course)
TBC RFactor2.png rFactor 2 15th November 12 19:00
each round consists of three races of equal length.

Calendar changes

  • The British, Brazilian and United States Touring Cups took place in different venues in 2018: the British event moved from Donnington Park to Brands Hatch, the Brazilian event from Interlagos to Curitiba and the US event from Portland to Virginia.
  • The Belgian, Dutch and Australian Touring Cups were removed from the calander.
  • The Chinese Touring Cup would be held for the first time in 2018.
  • The Italian and Japanese Touring Cups returned to the calendar after a 2-year absence.