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Welcome to VWC+Wiki,
your guide to the FxVWC simracing leagues.
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F1VWC News

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Did you know..?

  • ...that shit happens?
  • ...that everyone who ever dies, does so because of lack of oxygen to the brain, without exception?
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F2VWC News

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On this day...

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Featured media presentation

<a href="" class="image" title="Ultima GP circa 2003"><img src="" alt="Ultima GP circa 2003" longdesc="/vwcwiki/index.php/Image:UltimaRacingSide.jpg" height="158" width="640"></a>

This is the <a href="" class="new" title="Ultima GP">Ultima GP</a> car circa 2003. This one is car No.22, driven by team owner <a href="" title="Mal McKee">Mal McKee</a> in the <a href="" title="2003 F1VWC Season">2003 F1VWC Season</a>. The livery was designed by Mal, and features main sponsors C&C Club Orange and Duracell, as well as secondary sponsors AMD, Elf fuels and Michelin tyres. The livery was coloured black and copper as per the colours of Duracell's main product: power cells. On the rear side fins are two national flags crossed over, representing the nationalities of the two drivers — Mal from the <a href="" title="Category:British people">United Kingdom</a> and his team mate, <a href="" title="Karl White">Karl White</a>, from the <a href="" title="Category:Irish people">Republic of Ireland</a>.

Photo credit: <a href="" title="User:Mal">Mal</a>

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Other areas of VWC+Wiki

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