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Formula Challenge News edit

Formula Challenge 2014

  • The 2018 Formula Challenge season has finished! Marcin Rybaczuk won the final race of the season, in Abu Dhabi.  
  • Chris Butcher wins the 2018 Formula Challenge Driver's Championship!  
  • Red Arrow Racing wins the 2018 Formula Challenge Constructor's Championship!
  • About Formula Challenge edit
    The GPVWC Formula Challenge is an established series at the league which, like the World Sport Series, features two short races. The qualifying session which precedes these races is a conventional 15-minute qualifying session, which has become the norm in GPWVC events as of late. Featuring the entry-level cars in the Career Ladder, Formula Challenge is the second of two series which take place on the Tuesdays of Career Ladder weeks (every other week).

    The series is aimed towards developing drivers and teams into potential Supercup candidates, with the cars being slower and not featuring as many setup options as their more complex siblings. Confident rookies and slower drivers are most likely to feel at home here.

    Latest Standings edit
    After Round 8/18

    Drivers' Championship standings
    Pos Driver Points
    1 England James Johnson 253
    2 Netherlands Stephane Rouault 197
    3 England Jonathan Holmes 194
    4 Spain Carlos Fernandez 152
    5 France Geoffrey Fournier 146

    Teams' Championship standings
    Pos Team Points
    1 South Africa MadCape Racing Team 332
    2 South Africa Deltec Racing Team 217
    3 England Arrow International Racing 214
    4 England Fanatec Draig Racing 213
    5 England Epic Racing 210

    Selected Image edit


    Early championship leader James Johnson in Melbourne.

    Photo credit: Aurora Designs
    Upcoming Events edit
    Date Round Event
    14th June 2016 9/18 Austria Austrian Grand Prix
    28th June 2016 10/18 TBC
    12th July 2016 11/18 Hungary Hungarian Grand Prix
    26th July 2016 12/18 Belgium Belgian Grand Prix
    30th August 2016 13/18 Italy Italian Grand Prix
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    Formula Challenge Teams' Champions Torrent Motorsports ('12) · SimInk Motorsport ('13) · Walk Racing ('14) · Ice Cold Racing ('15) · MadCape Racing Team ('16)
    Current Teams

    Arrow International RacingBackMarker BrigadeScuderia BasileaBastvik Grand PrixCosmo AutosportDeltec Racing TeamFanatec Draig RacingEpic RacingEVAL Simracing TeamGPVWC AcademyMadCape Racing TeamHinss MotorsportSportscar Driving EvolutionTēafor MotorsportYTF1Zedderick Racing

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