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Open Series News edit

Open Series 2014

  • Fabio Sixta wins in Brazil! Lars Jeppesen and Pim van Ark finish 2nd and 3rd.  
  • Jonathan Holmes wins in Japan! David Krupa and Barry Arends finish 2nd and 3rd.  
  • Matthew Clipp wins in Italy! Marcin Rybaczuk and Barry Arends finish 2nd and 3rd.
  • About Open Series edit
    The GPVWC Open Series is the latest addition to the Career Ladder since Formula Challenge in 2012. The series uses exactly the same car as Formula Challenge - however it features a different format of one short race, preceded by a shorter qualifying session. It runs on the same evenings as Formula Challenge, running slightly before the higher series gets fully underway.

    Though the series is open to anyone who doesn't have a primary drive in any other Career Ladder series, it is primarily aimed at those in the early days of their simracing careers, or drivers new to GPVWC that wish to move up the Career Ladder. No championships are contested as such, and no teams are present - providing the perfect training ground for the development of race craft and setup knowledge. It also serves as a way of giving team owners a look at new talent without the risk of putting them in their own cars straight away.

    Latest Standings edit
    After Round 10/17

    Open Series Wins
    Driver Wins
    Spain Francis Cabrera 3
    Estonia Martin Lepassar 2
    Spain Tomeu Cabrer 2
    Norway Scott Sovik 1
    Spain Gerarhd Batlle 1

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    Photo credit: Aurora Designs
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