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Potentia Group Engineering was created in December 2012 to head up the development of an engine backed by the Midnight Motorsport team. The first product to be produced by the group was as the 'Potentia PGE-01', the engine which powered a number of teams throughout the 2013 Superleague season. As of 2016 the group is effectively owned by Wauters Automotive.

The 'Potentia PGE-02' was produced for the 2014 season and powered 4 teams; a 5th team, Phoenix F1, used the PGE-01. The Pheonix deal saw the team buy a fully-developed 2013-spec engine for a cheaper price; however, the engine was not developed over the year like the PGE-02.

The PGE-02 dominated the 2014 season, helped by the strength of the teams it supplied. A Potentia-powered car won in all but one of the Grands Prix that year.

In 2015 the PGE-03 was developed and Potentia continued to power Midnight and Hawkeye Racing, with Torrent Motorsports joining for the first time. Sensationally, CSG Racing, winners of the Drivers' and Constructors' championships the previous year with Potentia, opted to retain the PGE-02. This lead to a large dispute in the league as many other teams felt that the system in place would have made PGE-02 unbeatable for most of the season, despite its lack of further development. Coupled with other controversies surrounding the engine big process, the notion of year-old engines was scrapped and all Potentia teams in 2015 used the PGE-03; its development led exclusively by Midnight Motorsport.

Prior to the 2016 season, CSG Racing, having won the 2015 championship with Potentia power, withdrew from the championship. Potentia also lost Hawkeye as a customer, but two teams became would fill the gap and become Potentia customers: Kernow Sport and Wauters Automotive. After Midnight's withdrawal from the 2016 season, Wauters took over development of the PGE-04 engine, before the group would fold at the end of the season.

Engine deals

Team Season(s) Total Wins First Win Last Win
England CSG Racing 20142015 16 2014 Australian Grand Prix 2015 United States Grand Prix
England Midnight Motorsports 20132016 15 2013 Austrian Grand Prix 2016 Monaco Grand Prix
England Hawkeye Racing 20132015 21 2015 Bahrain Grand Prix 2015 Japanese Grand Prix
United States Torrent Motorsports 20152016 1 2016 Bahrain Grand Prix 2016 Bahrain Grand Prix
England Constant Racing 2013 0 - -
Germany Green Stripes Racing 2013 0 - -
England Kernow Sport 2016 – Present 0 - -
England Phoenix F12 2014 0 - -
England Vod:Bul Racing 2014 0 - -
Belgium Wauters Automotive 2016 – Present 0 - -

Bold represents current deal.
1- the 2014 British Grand Prix was originally won by Hawkeye driver Harley Hamnett, however it was later deemed that he was likely benefiting from illegal driving aids and was disqualified. The victory was then passed on to David Fidock, driving for CSG Racing, another Potentia-powered team.
2- Phoenix F1 used a 2013-spec engine during the 2014 season.

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