Synergetic Motorsports

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Northern Ireland Synergetic Motorsports
Synergetic Motorsports.png
Full name Synergetic Motorsports
Owner/s Northern Ireland Mal McKee
Base Northern Ireland Belfast, UK
Superleague Team Synergetic Motorsports
Supercup Team Synergetic Motorsports
Formula Challenge Team None
Début -
World Sport Series Team None
Début -
International Touring Cup Team None
Début -

Synergetic Motorsports is a team owned by Mal McKee and based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK.

Synergetic was started by Mariano Malisani in 2005, under Mariano's Aftermath Simracing Group. Malisani hired McKee as a driver in that season for the competition which was later to adopt the name Supercup. McKee had sold his team Ultima Racing and hadn't been a manager for a couple of years. With Mariano involved with other concerns, his absence left Mal as caretaker manager for months, before he inherited the Synergetic brand and, by arrangement with the GPVWC, McKee became an owner/manager/driver once again.

Originally, Synergetic was to be entered under Aftermath's Molotov brand that had previously taken part in the Superleague. However, it was felt that the Synergetic brand was strong enough itself to carry the team through its first year. The team had been based in Rosario in Argentina, though a decision was made to relocate the team's base to Belfast in the United Kingdom before the end of the 2005 season.

It had always been Mariano's ambition to promote Synergetic to the F1 league in the GPVWC (the Superleague). In 2006, Mal successfully steered the outfit to that goal: the F2 team wasn't promoted however - instead, a new Superleague team was created and the F2 team continued in the Supercup competition also. Synergetic F1 entered the Superleague in 2006 at the Canadian Grand Prix.

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Synergetic have entered in the Superleague, Supercup and Masters series.