GPVWC License

The GPVWC License is a way to ensure an enhanced commitment from all participants to the GPVWC Career Ladder and an overall better racing experience to all users. The GPVWC License, which both Teams and Drivers have to acquire before taking part in any official Career Ladder session, can be obtained through the GPVWC Dashboard.

License fees cannot be reimbursed under any circumstance; all license expire on December 31st of the year of submission.

Benefits of a Licence

Owning a GPVWC Licence confers unique benefits to all members:

  • Participation in the GPVWC Career Ladder competition
  • Technical Support to setup your game
  • Access to a great international community of Sim-Racers
  • Special events, such as the annual GPVWC Day and motorsport events

2024 Licenses

The licence fees are based on the placement of teams on the Career Ladder and on the contracts held by drivers. For 2024, they are as follows:

  • Superleague Team Licence: £40
  • Superlights Team Licence: £30
  • Formula Sprint 1 Team Licence: £20
  • Formula Sprint 2 Team Licence: £10

  • Superleague Driver Licence: £25
  • Superlights Driver Licence: £20
  • Formula Sprint 1 Driver Licence: £15
  • Formula Sprint 2 Driver Licence: £5