2010 Argentine Grand Prix

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The first ever GPVWC Argentine Grand Prix saw the Superleague cars coming to the testing Buenos Aires track, a high-speed circuit with unforgiving corners. Some drivers expressed concern about the attrition rate of this event, but once some safety issues were dealt with by the organizers the race got green light to go ahead.

Qualifying saw Championship leader Janne Tanskanen edging Mark Wicks, with the ever present Kieran Ryan in 3rd and Wayne Mullins, making the best of his high-powered Ferrari engine, in fourth. Jason Muscat of Red Archer and Phil Perkins in the second Draig filled row 3.

The start, with its treacherous kink to the right, saw scenes of chaos as Perkins failed to get off the marks cleanly: having lost 6 positions, he was hit by Adam Smith and went to the barriers, retiring on the spot. As Mullins's car smoked out, blinding people behind him, Muscat made his way into third position while, in the back, a contact at high-speed turn 3 sent both William Ponissi and Leontin Nemet in the wall - the Romanian retiring on the spot, the Italian after limping back to the pits. Mark Fuller and Chris Williamson were the big winners of lap 1, both increasing their standing by 6 positions.

Unfortunately for Williamson, he was to be one of the first victims of the killer kerbs in the mixed part of the track; the engine of his ST Racing didn't like a very harsh bump and let go, wasting the chance of some good points for the British outfit. Debutant Ryan Walker, racing for Oz Racing, got tangled in some close fighting with David Stanton, who unfortunately retired through a crash around the midway point - only to be followed by his brother Mark a few laps later.

The high-flying Kieran Ryan, who was running 2nd at the time, saw his chances of a podium slip away when he misjudged his lapping attempt on Tim-Oliver Wagner and went to the wall, losing 4 places as a result. Wagner retired as a consequence from the incident, a fate that was reserved for Sam Millar as well - his engine the latest of a series to succumb to the high-power track.

As Janne Tanskanen crossed the line for a comfortable win over Mark Wicks, Red Archer were left jubilant as they clinched their first ever podium in GPVWC history, courtesy of Maltese driver Jason Muscat.

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2010 Argentine Grand Prix
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