August 13, 2014
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Simcraft Midnight Motorsport Press Release written by team Press Officer Tom Rowland ahead of Euler's return to Superleague on Thursday.
Going back to anything after a glorious, successful period is always a perilous position to find oneself in. Apprehension of not fulfilling what is expected of you due to the previous highs and the disappointment of tarnishing a great record.

Is it best to leave it all in the past?

Curiosity excites, though. Ones adrenalin accelerates at the thought of being back in the midst of all the clamour and fervour. The mind shifts, if one loves this so much and takes it for a new start, then surely, this is the right thing to do, the only thing to do.

No hesitation, don't judge ones judgement, just like keeping your foot down up and over Eau Rouge, this is the right decision.

For all of this is to appease oneself. Don't worry about what the others think. Anyway, surely the sight of the reigning Drivers champion back in the SimCraft Midnight Motorsport car strikes trepidation and fear into the other drivers?

The season may be predictable from now on in as CSG Racing are on course for the Constructors and Drivers titles, as the Midnight car has underperformed this season. But they set the bar high, which challenged others to improve themselves to reach their heights. As is the way with success.

A transition time comes to reflect, not to be complacent, but to recharge the batteries with a fresh approach and direction. Going back to move forward is one of those approaches.

For a short stint, or another long journey remains to be seen, but for all it is great to see Lukas Euler, double Drivers champion, back in the seat he made his own and for the colours of Midnight Motorsport that made everyone improve and stride forward.

He answered some questions on his return to GPVWC.

How are you looking forward to your return to GPVWC and Midnight?

"It has been quite a while since I last had a competitive race in formula cars, 294 days to be exact. So I am really looking forward to it. It was not an easy decision to step down just before the season; it was the right one though. But I must admit seeing what car we brought to this season, it hurt a lot. It feels like an awful long time without racing and so I am highly motivated to be back. I am happy I can represent the #1 on the car at least for a few races this season, because I think our team deserves that. It was far from a great season for Midnight, but I will do all I can to end this season on a high. What I did not miss was the pressure you have when fighting for a title, so it will be a whole new experience for me in GPVWC to just go out there and race for the fun of it, although anyone who knows me, knows that I do not just go out there for fun, but to win."

What are your expectations for Spa and the rest of the season?

"If I could chose two tracks to race on it probably would be Spa and Monza, so being able to race there is great and I couldn't have imagined it a better way. I don't have too much expectation, but to be honest, I do like records and statistics, so I really would like to gather one more Pole Position and two more Fastest Laps because it would make me the leader in these categories. Nevertheless, I won't go out there and just aim for a podium, that would not be me, so my aim really is to win at least three of the four races I will compete in. It is a tough task, but I love three of the tracks, so why not push myself to achieve this. The competition definitely won't make it easy for me, having Lewis and David fighting for the championship, Nick who is known as a great racer and the ever improving Harley Hamnett, so it will produce interesting races for sure."

Have you done much practice/testing, if so how do you feel after being away from the car and a new setup?

"I tried to help our team from time to time during the season, whenever I had time. We had some issues during the season and had to let Peppe go, so it was tough for us and I always tried to be there for the guys. But when I knew I was going to go back racing, I started to get back into my old habit and did quite a few laps to rediscover my feeling for the car and all that. The track being Spa has surely helped a lot. I feel confident in the car, it might have been good to get away a bit, because the car we had in 2013 and the car we have now is not much to my liking in general, I had to change my driving a lot to be fast, but it was a lot easier to find pace again after having such a huge break. A lot of things have changed, but I think I am prepared to give it a shot."

You love Spa so are you excited to be behind the wheel again on this track?

"Yes definitely, Spa is one of my favourites. It is just a very interesting and demanding circuit, a lot of fast corners where you cannot do any mistake, but you need to push to be quick. You also need to find a good rhythm as it all flows into another. Fast bends was not my strong suit last year, but I love the track and always feel like I can eke out a little bit more out of the car. Overall there is no better place for a comeback than Spa. The only worry of course is the weather here in the Ardennes, I did not appear to be the quickest in damp conditions last year, so I would really enjoy a dry race here, but even if it is wet, I am not in the hunt for the title, so I can risk a bit more."

There will be a keen eye on Euler at Spa Francorchamps for how he performs and whether the Midnight car will be in the mirrors of CSG Racing or if they will be staring at his rear wing.

Euler, an ardent fan of Spa, won both times here for Midnight in his championship winning seasons. A third victory, on his return, would be sweet and a huge morale boost for Midnight.

No matter what, there is a romance back in GPVWC that will have everyone talking.

Enjoy the moment. Then when it's lights out, seize it.

Welcome back Euler.

By Tom Rowland - @TWRowland

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