The average of the results from the last three seasons of the Superleague are considered for this ranking. At the end of each season, the team with the lowest ranking is considered for relegation.

In case of teams recently promoted to the Superleague, only the most recent spell in the Superleague is considered.

1ACR Zakspeed2017-2019442
2Evolution Motorsports2018-2019425
3Edge Esports2017-2019324
4Epic Racing Team2018-2019239
5Red Archer Virtual Racing Team2017-2019178
6Hawkeye Racing2017-2019141
7Edonis Engineering2017-2019139
8Scuderia Basilea2019-2019130
9Flag-to-Flag Simracing2018-2019116
10MadCape Racing Team2017-201992
11Streetfighter Racing Systems2017-201975
12Storm Racing Team2017-201954
13Measuric Racing2018-201946
15Green Stripes Racing2017-20190

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