September 16, 2014


McGlade makes decision regarding GPVWC future.

I think it is about time this happened, and after the events of the previous ITC round I feel now the time is right. I have been mulling this over for a fairly substantial amount of time but I think that has come to a close.

Due to and issue with a member of our community, along with a couple of other issues with various things and me, I have decided that once this current season of Formula Challenge has finished, I will depart from GPVWC. I tried to see ITC out to the end of this season, however due to me being truly awful in it, I don't that is in the best interest of anyone.

As I said I'm going to see the current FC season out with BackMarker Brigade, and I do really hope that these issues are fixed, sorted and behind me by the time the next FC season begins. It is also my intention to have Aurora remain in GPVWC, it has been a great year for the team and I wish another good year for it.

It has been a good but troublesome season for me personally and I thank everyone that has helped me and my team through it. But for now, it is bye bye.

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