November 07, 2014


VBM announced today that it had cut its ties to the Tanskanen Racing team after the end of the 2014 season.
The Finish team served two successful years in partnership with VBM in Formula Challenge. In 2013 securing fourth place in the constructors championship and this season securing second place.

After taking multiple race wins and launching the GPVWC ladder careers of drivers such as Douwe Tapper, James Johnson, Jonathan Holmes, Tanskanen became known as a top FC team for breeding talent within the VBM group.
VBM owner Mike Pitman was saddened by the split.

"It's with regret this has to happen, but a partnership works both ways and for reasons away from the track this season it means Juha and Tanskanen couldn't hold up their end of the partnership. Everyone at VBM is very proud of the results that the team had over the past two years but this has been down to some amazing drivers to have graced the team. I don't think I will forget 2013 Korean GP for a while yet or the eight wins the guys had this year. I'd like to thank everyone associated with Tanskanen Racing over the last two seasons"

Juha Tanskanen was unsurprising unavailable for comment and rumours are rife that we will not see a the white and blue cars of Tanskanen lined up on the FC grid next year.

Rumour will now turn to who, if anyone VBM will link with at Formula Challenge level next season. Pitman seemed open to the idea of a new partnership.

"We would obviously listen to any ambitious team owners who were interested in helping develop our young driver program at the Formula Challenge level but presently are not actively searching for a team."

Has Formula Challenge lost one of its top teams for next year? Or can Tanskanen go one step higher without VBM backing>

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