December 12, 2014


Late comers to the 2014 season prepare for first full season in the Career Ladder.

2014 was a big year for Cosmo Autosport; making their debut in GPVWC in the World Sport Series, and being granted the chance to compete in the Career Ladder in the Formula Challenge series in the seventh round at Canada after Airastream Motorsport's departure. The team did well; ending 9th in the WSS with the lineup of Cameron Brewster and Rob Mason, and finishing well in their ITC, FC and Masters Series (in conjunction with YTF1) efforts.

Looking to 2015, team principal Joshua Anderson is hopeful that the team will continue to thrive, as he made the announcement of the team's two main drivers for the season:

"2014 was a great year for the team, making our GPVWC debut, making quite an impact on the field and I don't just mean with our rather garish liveries! I can't thank everyone enough who drove for us last year; Cam, Rob, Richard, Jayden, Tom, everyone.

Of course a new year means a new round of racing, and I'm pleased to announce we'll be back in the Formula Challenge series for 2015. We've got a very strong lineup ready to get going in Australia come the new year. First off though, I'd just like to thank Jayden Wright once again for driving with us last year. Unfortunately Jayden has decided to look elsewhere for a drive in 2015, and I wish him all the best with his new team, and I know he'll do well there.

As for who'll be donning the white, pink and green in 2015, well I'm sure you're all eager to find out, so here we go!"

Anderson went on to announce the two drivers that will field the #18 and #19 cars in the 2015 season. Returning to the team after driving in 2014 is Richard Coxon, and he will be partnered by ex-Enterprise GP driver Hansko Mebius, who finished 11th last season for the team and aided them to their 3rd place finish in the teams' championship. Anderson made a statement on the lineup and his hopes for the team:

"I'm very pleased to have Richard and Hansko with us for 2015. Richard of course drove with us in 2014 and Hansko made some very strong statements with his drives in 2014 also, so when the opportunity arose to sign him it was a very easy decision to make! I'm confident in both of their abilities, and I can easily see some very strong finishes on the cards from these two. I'd hope we can get a few podium finishes, and finish 8th or higher in the Teams' Championship this season."

When asked about the 2015 car's livery, which a preview of was released not long ago, Anderson seemed to become cagey and secretive:

"Er, well... I can't say an awful lot about that at the moment, the cars are very much in the paintshop at the moment but I'll say this much; there's more pink than last year!"

He refused to give any further comment on the liveries.

So in conclusion, Cosmo Autosport are aiming high in the Career Ladder for 2015. With plans on the cards to make applications for the new Atlantic Series alongside the returning WGT, WSS and ITC championships, as well as finishing up their Masters Series outing, it's set to be an exciting year for the Simonside-based outfit.

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