December 13, 2014


Newly created and announced Hinss Motorsport has today expressed its intentions for the 2015 season.
Newly created and announced Hinss Motorsport has today expressed its intentions for the 2015 season. The team is hoping to enter into the Independent Series at GPVWC as well as being successfully accepted into other sim-racing leagues.

Team Manager Thomas Hinss has been around the sim-racing world for a comparatively short time compared to a lot of his competitors, with his involvement first starting at GPVWC only some six months ago. However, in this short time he has learnt much about sim-racing and the workings of it.

We caught up with the Australian and queried him on the creation of the team. First question which I'm sure most will be asking is why?

"Well making my own team has been something I've wanted to do for a long time, even before I first started in sim-racing. After racing at GPVWC and other leagues through the second half of 2014, I got an idea of what team managing would be like. Being more informed on the job made it all the more tempting for me to want to do, so I decided to go for it."

What series' are the team planning on entering?

"We've decided to apply to enter for all Independent Series' when the application process comes around next year, which I realise is asking a lot out of a newly created team. But this section of the GPVWC is designed to allow teams like us to enter into the league and get a start, so if we can get everything together before the applications I think we have a strong chance of reaching our goal."

"We've also been accepted to race in's FS1 championship for next year, their top tier series which they run. This is certainly a risk I must admit, putting a lot of pressure on us to prepare and perform but I think with the right drivers we could be competitive."

Speaking of drivers, with so many series' being aimed at running for next year are there any drivers which are already locked in for the team?

"Well at this early stage I don't want to go into too many details on drivers with there still being such a length of time until next season begins. However, I will say that for the World Sport Series two drivers have already been locked in to drive for the team should it be accepted and also one driver for the International Touring Cup, again pending acceptance into the series."

Lastly other than running the team, what other plans do you have for sim racing next year?

"Well I will be finishing up the Virtual Carrera Cup over at TouringProSeries in the early part of the year. I've also already secured a seat for WSS next year which is not with my own team. It will obviously make things a bit interesting for that series if the team gets accepted as I'll be racing against my drivers, but I think we could manage it well without dramas as others have done previously in the same situation."

"I'm also hoping to secure a seat for GPVWC's Formula Challenge but at this stage I am yet to be successful in my search for a seat. I may also look at driving elsewhere in other leagues as well but that is something I have to think about some more. Also I will be doing lead commentary for's FS1 Championship, which should be an absolute blast. I'm hoping to get a commentary position in one or more of GPVWC series' for next year as well, having done commentary for the league before and enjoyed it immensely."

Hinss Motorsport will be busy at work over the Christmas and New Year period preparing for their assault for 2015, one which Thomas says the team will put 110% into.

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