December 13, 2014


David Jundt to join David Francic at Belgian outfit. Sandeep Chodha ready as rear gunner for dynamic duo.

Commentators for the Supercup will have a hard time next year, as there will be two Davids on the grid. To make matters worse, they will be in the same car as well! Belgian outfit Wauters Automotive announced earlier tonight that Swiss David Jundt and Indian Sandeep Chodha will be joining the already confirmed Croatian David Francic for the 2015 season. David Jundt will be doing so as a primary driver, after a very impressive year in Formula Challenge and the World Sport Series. Sandeep Chodha will take on the role of reserve and test driver and support the two Davids. Everyone took some time to comment on new lineup and the challenge ahead

David Jundt:

"I am very glad to join Wauters Automotive for the upcoming Supercup season and want to thank Andreas for the chance he's giving me. I've met him in person one year ago at the GPVWC Day in Amsterdam and feel certain that's he's a very capable team leader with realistic plans from a stable base. I'd like to help them carry on their momentum from last season and score good results. The first time I took note of David (Francic) was at the Belgian round of WSS, where he took his first win in the second race and further impressed with solid results in Supercup, so I am looking forward to working with him. Finally, I feel pleased with the fact that Sandeep is our reserve driver. I've personally seen his talent in FC in the past season when we were competing against each other. I am looking forward to my first Supercup event since 2011!"

Sandeep Chodha:

"Towards the end of last season, Wauters Automotive were one of the top teams in SC, so joining them is a great opportunity for me. I'm very excited about this as Wauters is a team that is on the up so when Andreas offered me a chance to join the team I thought it will be a great chance to be part of a great chapter in GPVWC."

David Francic:

"Having David Jundt and Sandeep Chodha in the team is really amazing, and I'm excited to work with those guys. I believe we'll work very well together, and consistency should be our biggest strength. I am really looking forward to the start of the season with this line-up."

Andreas Wauters:

"I'm very happy with the way our team for 2015 has turned out. I think we have all the aspects we need to make the year a success. We have a huge amount of experience and racecraft in David Jundt, which goes together perfectly with the up and coming talents that I truly believe David Francic and Sandeep Chodha are. I've worked together with all of those guys in one way or another and it has been a very positive experience. I'm looking forward to build onward from where we left of at the end of last season, and I?m sure we got the right people in place to do so! It will be a fight of David versus Goliath(s), with the likes of Walk racing, Positive Simracing and PB in there, which I'm sure will be very strong, but we are prepared for the challenge."

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