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Suzuka International Racing Course. 22 September 2020
March 26, 2016
Published on tags: General Rob Mason Ben Willis


The DC duo are looking forward to take over the running of the Committee, replacing the departing Mike Pitman.
Current DC members Rob Mason and Ben Willis will step into a new role as they are appointed Joint Heads of the Disciplinary Committee at GPVWC.

They will take over the responsibilities to set the direction of the DC and ensure the GPVWC's regulatory body functions with efficiency and punctuality, while also working to enforce the GPVWC Regulations.

GPVWC Chief Admin, Will Ponissi: "It is a pleasure to welcome Ben and Rob to their new position. They have been performing tirelessly and with great dedication in their DC role and have a clear idea of how to take the league and our community forward. I want to thank Mike again for his work - he was instrumental to lay the foundation of the GPVWC's future. I am looking forward to see Rob and Ben write the future pages of the DC's history."

Rob Mason: "I'm delighted to have been asked to take on the role of Joint Head of DC, if not a little apprehensive of the work ahead of us. I strongly believe that Ben and I can combine our strengths to lead the DC forwards from the foundations that Mike has worked tirelessly to lay, and I look forward to building on this with the help and support of the community."

Ben Willis: "Firstly, I'd like to thank Mike for all his excellent work. He has been an amazing asset to the DC team and I wish him all the best. To be offered this role is a true honour and I look forward to relishing the challenge associated with it. Also, to be working alongside Rob is really good; it is already clear we both have a common vision as to where we want to take the DC and I look forward to working with him further onwards."

The new Joint Heads of the DC will take over immediately, and will also start a new recruitment drive to bring new faces in the DC to deal with the increasing requirements of the role.

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