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Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. 19 June 2019
January 01, 2019
Published on tags: Superleague


A new engine manufacturer will join the Superleague offering in 2019, following the withdrawal of Martex Engineering.
The GPVWC Administration would like to announce an open tender amongst Superleague outfits for the vacant engine supplier slot.

Following the departure of Nordsjøen Racing, the Martex engines have ceased production and a new opportunity has emerged for an existing Superleague team to start producing power units. This an exciting opportunity for a team to have a hands-on approach to develop their own power unit. The successful applicant will also have to foster relationships with potential customer teams as they seek to develop the ultimate power unit in the Superleague field.

As a reminder, please be aware that Engine Manufacturers have no choice in whom they supply as long as customers meet the asking price set by manufacturers themselves. Manufacturers teams will incur costs of £30m to produce their own engines. Every additional supply cost £5m. Manufacturers will earn 30% of the price charged to customers.

Only Superleague teams are able to apply for the license. The successful applicant will be an established sim-racing outfit; the application should also detail reasons why the team should be awarded the engine supply licence. The deadline for applications is Sunday 6th January 2019. Applications should be sent via PM to GPVWC Administrator Will Ponissi via the GPVWC forums.

The GPVWC Superleague has used original power units since the 2013 season. Quasar, Valiant and Talos all remain as engine suppliers for the 2019 season.

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