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Circuit de Monaco. 21 May 2019
February 21, 2019


After clinching the 2018 ITC Div2 Teams Championship in the last round of the season Frami Autosport is looking forward to a second successful year in the GPVWC.
Tim Straub-Lubin, Team Owner:
"ITC was a great debut season for us. Winning a hard-fought teams championship in a Division 2 that was constantly on the pace with Division 1 definitely put us on the map, and I am glad that the organization has seen it fit to reward us with an immediate promotion to Supercup. The team will not take this opportunity lightly and the goal is to be at least top 3 in the team standings at the end of the year. I believe that we have both the support structure and the drivers to go for the title in Supercup.

I am very glad to bring the Frami name back to Motorsport, the team has over 40 years of real motorsport experience and to see it back on track in real life or on a virtual level is a dream. Simracing is the future in motorsport and I will not hesitate to say that we will be taking this as seriously as we would a real car on track."

Adrian Faber - Primary Driver:

"After Deltec retired from the 2019 season I had no idea on how I would find a new team. But then I heard that Tim is doing tests for his team, so I decided its worth a try. I think I did a really great job and Tim decided that I will be driving alongside Micha?.
So this year's car is very fast, and I really enjoy driving it, so I can't wait for the first lights out. This year's grid is very competitive, but I'm prepared for that and I hope I can show some good racing."

Michal Galka - Primary Driver:

"Really excited to start the 2019 season with Frami Autosport. I am expecting to have some competitive rides to get the car to its full potential. The driver lineup and the team looks competitive and we've come to get high places in the constructor and driver's championship.
Me and my teammate Adrian are good friends and we are happy to cooperate with each other throughout the season. All in all, I am really excited for the season to start."

Tariq Gamil - Test Driver:

"I feel very welcomed and grateful for the opportunity to enter the Supercup. Originally, I was looking for a race seat to compete for the season but due to bad timing with work, I couldn't commit to a race seat. In hindsight, coming from a background in Assetto Corsa, I feel that a testing role will make my transition into rF2 easier as I get to grips with the car, the physics, and quirks. I believe that although I'm inexperienced with rF2, my long experience in sim racing will help accelerate the learning process and I look forward to contributing to the team.

The goal is always to compete at the front and I will do my best to help my teammates, Adrian and Michal, try and achieve this. As a new team, I expect it'll be a learning experience for all of us but I'm confident in the positive attitude and atmosphere within the team and with that, hopefully, we can do well."

Manos Papangelou - Telemetry analyst

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