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International Touring Cup News edit

International Touring Cup 2014

  • The 2018 International Touring Cup season has been announced!  
  • The 2018 International Touring Cup season will be contested over eight rounds beginning Thursday, 23rd August.  
  • The 2018 International Touring Cup season will run a second division known as the International Touring Challenge (ITC2)!
  • About International Touring Cup edit
    The GPVWC International Touring Cup is the spiritual successor to the Gentlemen's Racing Club Touring Car Championship. A conventional 15-minute qualifying session is followed by three short races and runs on every other Monday that the Career Ladder doesn't feature.

    The series is aimed at those who enjoy more rugged team-based racing, and a wide variety of vehicles to choose from. Those who enjoy the elements of success ballast and a reverse grid (featuring in Race 3 of the evening) will also feel in their element.

    Latest Standings edit
    After Round 6/12

    Drivers' Championship standings
    Pos Driver Points
    1 Sweden Eric Stranne 260
    2 Wales Matt Richards 191
    3 United States Sven de Vries 178
    4 Austria Kevin Siggy 172
    5 England Lewis McGlade 172

    Teams' Championship standings
    Pos Team Points
    1 Norway Ice Cold Racing 432
    2 England THR 415
    3 England Aurora Motorsports 241
    4 Netherlands Measuric Racing 211
    5 England Enterprise GP 172

    Selected Image edit


    2015 Teams' Championship winners Ice Cold Racing in the process of taking a 1-2 at Manfeild Autocourse.

    Photo credit: Aurora Designs
    Upcoming Events edit
    Date Round Event
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    Current Teams

    Ice Cold Racing · Aurora Motorsports · Enterprise GP · Epic Racing Team · Vod:Bul Racing · Kernow Sport · Zedderick Racing · Edonis Engineering · EVAL Simracing Team · Hinss Motorsport · Holland Racing Team · Origin Front Row Racing · STAX Racing · Streamline Engineering · Woods Racing

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