January 27, 2017


A short Press Conference was held at Kernow Sports HQ this morning in which the team revealed who would be racing for them this season in Superleague.

Team Manager Mark Wicks: "Hello everyone. It's taken some time this year to finalise our driver pairing, one seat taking some to fill, but I can now say who is in the cars.

Last year was a good year by our standards. Following a poor 2015 we quickly found our feet and scored some good, consistent results. We achieved a Pole, a podium and our highest points total yet. Some unfortunate disconnections and a string of retirements in the latter part of the season cost us a shot at 5th, but a final standing of 7th equalled our previous best championship position, from our debut year. It would have been nice to keep the same line-up again but at the season end it became apparent that would not be happening for two-thirds of it, and so a search for some new blood began.

Firstly, regarding Personnel, we'd just like to announce that the services of Chief Mechanic Mrsin Zrnec have been re-signed for a fourth straight year (we just can't get rid of him!). Erik Mahler will continue his role of Commercial Manager for a third season (and has once again proved his worth in the Bidding). A new face joins us as Chief Designer. Jonas Achen begins his work for us having been picked up from Nijo following their closure.

Secondly I'd to announce we have signed a deal with Valiant to provide us with engines for the year. We felt their offer - expertise, history and value - was the best choice. It means it's the fourth brand of engine in four years for us but I'm happy we've picked right for 2017.

Now for the drivers. I myself will likely take on the role of Reserve driver. Unless someone more talented wants to offer up their time.

Remaining in the #12 car for a third consecutive season is the quick and talented Bart De Vos. The Belgian driver has chosen to stick with us and we are very happy to have retained his services. He's likeable and hard-working, good technically and most importantly, fast. We feel we're on an upward curve with him over the years and by keeping him we feel confident of having an even better year than last.

Q: Hi Bart. You're staying in the Superleague tier for another year, your third with Kernow Sport. What are you looking forward to about the challenges to be faced in 2017, with the new car design and regulations'

Bart: "I'm very happy to stay another year at Kernow. 2016 has been a good season for us, for me personally it was my most successful Superleague season so far, as a team we also managed to lift ourselves higher in the standings. From my side the expectations for 2017 are high. Mark has done an outstanding job during the pre-season to get us some deals that should make for a competitive package. 2017 should be an evolution of 2016 the cars and regulations haven't changed drastically; there are however some small changes to look forward to. Especially the overhauled tyre system will be interesting. We have brand new tyres and the addition of an ultra-soft compound. Also tyre choices are now opened up to the teams, race tactics will play a bigger part in 2017 and I hope that can be in our favour. However the one big change is my new teammate, Bence Zsupanek. I look forward to working together; his results in the 2015 Formula Challenge campaign were impressive. With teamwork I hope we can expect the same sort of performance in Superleague. My personal goal is to finally score that cursed podium, and maybe even more. As a team we want to do better than we've ever done before, hopefuly continuing our trend of climbing up in the constructor's championship."

Joining the team and taking on the #83 car will be young Hungarian ace Bence Zsupanek. A highly motivated driver: eager to make his mark in Superleague and start his journey to becoming champion.

Q: Hi Bence and welcome to the team. You've got just 2 Superleague GPs under your belt prior to this year, what are your expectations for the season ahead with Kernow Sport?

Bence: "First of all, I am really grateful for the opportunity. I had stopped with active racing, as I was focusing on other fields of life. As the invitations came by, I have decided with cool head, that it is time to return. I found Kernow Sport's campaign the best, and I believe we can achieve great results in the future. I made sure that here I will get all the technical, mental background that I need. That is why I am so motivated like never before. It is hard to say at this point what are our chances, but as always I am maximalist and critical with myself. I will try everything lap by lap, race by race, to be as fast as possible. Firstly, I have to adjust myself to the car and especially to its tyre-wear model. Moreover I have a great, supportive teammate Bart De Vos, who I can work with efficiently."

Thank you lads. The team here are happy with our line-up for 2017 and there's a great sense of optimism nicely fuelling the hard-work. The car is nearing completion and should be unveiled sometime in the next few weeks. It will certainly be on-track for the opening Test coming up February 2nd."

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