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Suzuka International Racing Course. 22 September 2020
December 21, 2017
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With renewed interest in the league, new positions are being filled in a new intake of personnel aimed at producing the best league environment in GPVWC history.
Running a top league like GPVWC wouldn't be possible without the incredible work of dozens of volunteers. From the Disciplinary Committee to Race Directorship, it's the efforts of keen individuals who make possible the existence of one of rFactor 2's top leagues in the world and preserve our position as the most realistic team management simracing simulation on the planet.

At GPVWC we strive to keep improving, and in this light there have been changes in our staffing, with new appointments aimed at producing even better content, racing and promotional reach.

First and foremost, our thanks go to the outgoing members of management - Mike Pitman and Thomas Hinss - and to all the volunteers who worked with us in 2017.

For 2018, Chris Williamson returns as Head of Competitions, leading the Mod Test Team, Track Team and Race Directorship team. His is a vital role that ensures our races take place with no hitches and glitches.

Ric Scott joins as Head of Media, overviewing the Broadcast Team, Editorial Team and Social Media. Having worked with the GPVWC for years, producing our trademark high-quality graphics and some impressive video content, Ric now will be able to shape our promotional efforts as we enter a crucial era for simracing.

The Disciplinary Committee gets a new Head as league stalwart Roy Schroten takes up the mantle with a raft of new ideas to make this key part of the GPVWC ready for 2018. A long-time manager in the Career Ladder, Roy will be working alongside his new Deputy, Elise Skinner, ensuring the DC gets all the attention it needs.

Long the first port of call for any new member trying to find his or her bearings within GPVWC, Menno Klont joins as Community Outreach Officer. With a wealth of knowledge of all things GPVWC, Menno will be directing new and existing members to ensure they make the most of their GPVWC experience.

The GPVWC website and digital presence will also be getting a new lease of life, and throughout 2018 new Lead Developer Stefan McCready will be bringing us to the forefront of the digital age.

The league Management will also get a new face, with a triumvirate of Will Ponissi, Ric Scott and Chris Williamson forming the new steering group of the league.

The new appointees will take seat in the next few weeks, starting their work and recruiting personnel as they deem fit - so if you have an interest in shaping the future of GPVWC, get in touch with them and help us make 2018 the best season in GPVWC's history.

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