January 16, 2018


Racing Team Schroten principal Roy Schroten expects to make a 2018 Supercup growth as the driver lineup for the upcoming season is announced.

"This will be our third season in the second tier of the GPVWC Career Ladder, and with more experience and undiscovered talent, we are ready to take on the challenge and improve on our last two-year results" said the Dutch manager.

"We have managed to retain one of the Batalla brothers, Gerard, for another season with our team. Last year he had a steep learning curve and this year we want to show that we have grown from the previous years in the series. We are also happy to announce that our second driver will be Patrick Kraus.

"While he is unknown to the league, we are sure that together we can aim for regular point finishes and top-10s. Together with Gerard and the whole team, we will aim to quickly explain the ins and outs of the league and the Supercup and get him up to racing speed very quickly.

"Last year we had to start from scratch with two new drivers. Gerard now has valuable experience, and we have people around the two drivers who can help them develop even further."

Gerard Batalla, who finished 14th with a best finish of 8th place, is optimistic about the upcoming season.

"After completing the entire 2017 Supercup season in the Schroten Team with Eduard Batalla as my teammate, the 2018 season starts with a new car and with Patrick as a new teammate. We will see where we are on the starting grid of the first race. My main target is to be in the top ten since the first race and looking forward with effort and hard work. I want to adapt and take out the 100% of the car, otherwise, it is impossible to be into the top five seeing all the talent on the grid. We have to be fast, master the car, have the best setup for each race and a good strategy to be able to bring great results as a driver and as a team. Thanks to the team to give me the opportunity to keep fighting for the team."

Patrick Kraus, a new face in the GPVWC paddock, seemed very excited about his debut in the league.

"My goal for the first half of the upcoming Supercup season will be to get back into simracing. I haven't played racing games for almost two years. I'll practice a lot and try to improve at every single race. For the first races, top ten finishes would be pretty good. Afterwards, I aim for top five finishes. We have to put in a lot of effort and if we do that, I'm pretty sure we will be able to achieve even more. I want to build up a good connection to my teammate Gerard and manager Roy. They did welcome me with open arms and for that I would like to thank them very much. I'm looking forward to race against those great drivers and I hope we will have a lot of fun this season."

As the Dutch saying goes, three times shipstraight. We certainly wish the Dutch outfit a charm!

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