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Autodromo Nazionale di Monza. 27 August 2019
January 26, 2019
Published on tags: Red Archer Superleague 2019


A fresh start after a hard season will certainly be warmly welcomed by the Cretan team and the new season finds the "reds" with many changes.

The team will field new faces as race drivers that have never had Superleague regular contract before and 2018 was their first GPVWC season but its not time to reveal their names yet since the lineup is not completed.

Red Archer will be looking for their reserve driver among the new bunch of people that will drive at the coming Academy race.

With the bidding process starting, the archers are ready to defend the personnel they want to keep and replace those they don't need any more, however after experience says that the bidding will remain to normal wages, maybe bit lower than 2018 offers.

One thing that will certainly change is the engine.With the prices not set yet and the reserve drivers not revealed there is no point speculating engine results but for Red Archer priority will be quality of product rather than price of the unit.

There are already tested suppliers that provided strong engines the previous season while the new supplier also looks promising and with a proper price it could be a good deal for the team.

Finally Red Archer is proud to launch the new team web site at where GPVWC members and simracing friends can find:
--> Latest team news
--> Team info,media and race results
--> Featured articles links
--> rFactor applications coded by us

Red Archer wishes all teams a good and fun new season !

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