January 07, 2018
Published on tags: GPVWC General Superleague


The GPVWC breaks new ground by announcing a prize pot of EUR2,000 for the top drivers and teams in this year's flagship series.
The GPVWC Administration announced that, for the first time in the GPVWC's history, prize money will be awarded to the leading drivers and teams in the Superleague.

A prize pot of EUR2,000 will be split between the top three of the Drivers' and Constructors' Championship in a bid to attract the top names in simracing and add even more prestige to one of the most coveted titles in simracing.

The individual prizes for both drivers and teams will be as follows:

1st placed: EUR600
2nd placed: EUR300
3rd placed: EUR100

Will Wangensteen Ponissi, GPVWC Director: "With simracing and esports acquiring more prominence by the day and a series of events increasingly drawing our sport in the spotlight, it is crucial GPVWC remains as one of the great series in the simracing landscape.

"I am confident the addition of prize money will provide increased motivation for all participants to produce the best season of racing in our history."

The prizes will be handed out as part of the ceremonies at the end-of-season GPVWC Day, whose date and location will be announced later in the season.

It has also been disclosed that the GPVWC will undergo a marketing campaign to promote the Superleague and its ancillary series to a wider audience.