February 02, 2020


As tradition, GPVWC Day, held in Malta, was the occasion for the GPVWC Awards to be presented.
As in recent years, the award winners were chosen by a jury of their own peers - namely, the team managers of each series.


Best Driver - Jannick Bock
Best Rookie - Matthias Muuss
Best of the Rest - Rait Kilk
Most Improved Driver - Daniel Brewer
Best Team - Evolution Motorsports
Best New Team - Scuderia Basilea
Best Livery - Epic Racing

Superleague Lights

Best Driver - Lukas Schmidt
Best of the Rest - Mark Hutchinson
Most Improved Driver - Jack Mayor
Best Team - Red Arrow
Best Livery - Draig Racing


Best Driver - Michael Francesconi
Best Rookie - Luca D?Amelio
Best of the Rest - Craig Patteson
Most Improved Driver - Douwe Tapper
Best Team - Fusion Racing
Best New Team - Fusion Racing
Best Livery - Zedderick Racing

Formula Challenge

Best Driver - Jonathan Holmes
Best of the Rest - Daniel Hurlock
Most Improved Driver - Frank Hamming
Best Team - AB Racing
Best Livery - mouseOne Racing

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