February 19, 2018


New Head of Disciplinary Committee, Roy Schroten, has issued some useful guidelines to direct the DC's work for the 2018 season.
To introduce all drivers to the new 2018 season, the Head of Disciplinary Committee explained some of the basic principles of their job, as well as some slight changes for the upcoming season.

A protest can be submitted up to 48 hours after the day of the event (e.g. Saturday night for a Superleague event). After this deadline, no protests can be submitted, except where issues in the logging system are observed and the person trying to submit the log has contacted the Head of DC (Roy Schroten) before the deadline.

This deadline is to be respected as to give the DC team sufficient time to review protests. As of this year, the DC will announce all outcomes of proceedings on the Saturday before the next race. By having this deadline, the DC strives to allow members to be better prepared for their upcoming race.

Another step has been taken in decision transparency. Each protest outcome will be posted together with a summary of the motivation from the DC reviewers. This allows members to gain a better understand why a certain decision was made by the DC. Penalties, together with summary will be posted at in the Disciplinary page of the relevant series. As usual, a penalty list can also be found at the specific event page.

This year, management of the various series will divided between Roy Schroten and Elise Skinner. Questions regarding Supercup can be asked to Elise, while Roy will be observing Superleague and Formula Challenge. Questions regarding World GT and ITC can be asked to both Elise and Roy. As per usual, general questions can also always be asked to the Head of DC.

Some slight additions were made in preparation for the season. Drivers are required to observe caution when entering a yellow flag zone. Careless driving in such zone will be taken as an aggravating circumstance in the event of an incident.

Gamesmanship will be looked out for during all sessions as the league stands for respect between members, both on and off track. This will be observed by the DC. In the event that an offending driver conducts him/herself in a manner that is seen as an attempt to gain an advantage, which otherwise may not have been previously covered in the regulations, the Disciplinary Committee can refer the issue to the GPVWC Management, who hold the authority to penalise a driver for such conduct.

Rules concerning cutting will remain the same as usual. White lines will be used as track limits unless otherwise specified. These exceptions will be communicated through the event page on the forums and in the event briefings.

All drivers are expected to be aware of the rulebook before starting their race. We hope to have informed all members sufficiently ahead of the upcoming season. We wish all drivers good luck during the 2018 season.

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