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February 10, 2020


The steering group of the GPVWC gains new skills and expertise as three of the most recognisable names in the community take on crucial positions.
The GPVWC Administration is delighted to announce that Menno Klont, Rob Mason and Tom Parker will join the GPVWC Management for the 2020 season and beyond.

Klont will be a familiar face to most members of the league, especially newcomers. In his role as Community Outreach Officer, he represented the first point of contact for most drivers and managers upon their first arrival.

Mason brings in the experience accrued in his role as Head of Disciplinary Committee, a position in which he has reformed the role and brought great advancements to the stewarding of race events.

Parker, a veteran of GPVWC and a former Formula One esports driver, is one of the most respected characters in the community. A successful driver, manager and commentator, he possesses valuable Race Director skills to complement and support the existing structures of GPVWC.

Menno Klont: "GPVWC SimRacing is a home to me and I've alwas liked to help out from day one. The step up to Management will allow me to combine my passion and skills to help move the league forward as we enact our ambitious plans."

Rob Mason: "I'm delighted to be able to step up and further support GPVWC. From first racing here in 2014 to helping run a race-winning team up to Superleague level in the last few seasons, and now in my second stint at the Head of the DC, I'm confident my experience can positively impact the future of this group. We've got a passionate community here and that's the main reason behind getting more involved, so I look forward to further working with everyone to see what we can achieve."

Tom Parker: "Having been a member of GPVWC for over a decade, I am incredibly proud to have been asked to become a member of the Management Team. I feel with my incredible amount of experience, both within this league and the simracing genre, I can bring a period of stabilisation to the league on which we can build for years to come, ensuring that the GPVWC remains as the top tier, most realistic simracing option out there. As someone who cares deeply for the league, I want to unite the entire community in this role to ensure a better experience for everyone."

Having been presented to the GPVWC community, the new Management members will get to work immediately to help in the running of the 2020 season, which will start with pre-season testing this week.