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Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps. 28 June 2018
December 20, 2016


TR Bluvos Motorsports unveils their driver line up for the coming 2017 Formula Challenge.
It will be the Malta driver Terence Grech and the Dutch driver Roy Verzijl.

As the days progressed after the team got accepted into FC and after several negotiations the drivers an agreement with TR was reached. The deal closed late at night on the 16th of December.

"Having a team at this stage is a very big deal, and a huge opportunity for us has been created with Terence and Roy, who are really close friends and great drivers. We know we are aiming high for our first season. I know them and I'm sure we will have a successful year together, but before that, we must have a great pre-season and get to know the car in order to be successful" Said Teichmann.

"I'm glad that I have signed with the new team TR Bluvos Motorsport. Wish to thank Michael Teichmann for the approach his team looks so professional and motivated for the new season. I will do my best to aim in the top 5 for the new season as the last season the first half of it was going great but unfortunately it was not that good in the last half. I hope that it will be more serious as for drivers and especially the Disciplinary team next season cause it wasn't that great. But yeah that's past now looking forward to the new seasib and glad to work with my friend Roy Verzijl as my new teammate." Terence said.

"I'm really happy to be part of TR Bluvos Motorsports. Working with Terence will be really interesting to see, we are close friends and I'm sure this would benefit us in terms of setup and helping each other on track. We are aiming high for this season." Roy said.

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