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Virginia International Raceway - North Course. 22 November 2018
November 30, 2017


With the end of the 2017 GPVWC season, which saw the team take 11th place in the Formula Challenge championship (including a 3rd place podium in Monza), MDR Motorsports are keen to announce their planned changes for the 2018 season.

The changes begin with the team's Career Ladder outfit, which will see Konrad Bar retained for the season in a reserve role. Occupying the full time primary seats will be Matthew Clipp and Wesley Stefano, joining from Royal Blue Racing and EJ Engineering respectively. Both drivers have shown great form and talent in 2017, which is why we believe that this driver line-up can mount a serious challenge for the 2018 championship.

The second change for 2018 is the rebranding of the team itself. From 2018, MDR Motorsports will be renamed to "Mayor Downard Racing Team" and shall be abbreviated to MDR when necessary. The rebranding will see the team change from it's original Red, White and Black colours to a more striking Orange, White and Blue colourscheme. Along with the rebranding will come a fresh logo design, in a bid to create a more serious and professional style towards the MDR name.

Finally, the whole of MDR would like to thank the entire field of drivers who have driven for the team in 2017 which includes;
Giorgos Tsoumalis, Wesley Stefano, Jack Mayor, Josh Downard, Adam Freitas, Theodoros Eziroglou, Mike Kwint, Christoph Lichtenstein, Johan Lindberg, Vincent Dijk, Ryan Nash, Tuomas Koriala, Myles Dixon, Konrad Bar and Philipp Konig. We also thank Chris Kinsman for the F3 livery and Matthew Allington (MAD Paints) for the Formula Challenge livery. Without these fantastic people, MDR Motorsports wouldn't have had the success and experience it resulted in for 2017, and so it is a great pleasure that every one of these names could be part of the beggining and debut year of MDR Motorsports.

We thank everyone at GPVWC and the Sim Racing community for a magnificent year and hope the best for everyone in 2018, where we hope the racing, excitement and thrills can be better than ever before!

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