December 07, 2017


The entrant teams for the 2018 Superleague, Supercup and Formula Challenge were announced at the annual GPVWC Day in Antwerp.

2018 promises to be one of the strongest - if not THE strongest - Superleague season ever. World Champions Vod:Bul merged with powerhouses Avid Chronic Racing to form ACR Zakspeed, bringing a name with Formula One history into the GPVWC. Three teams join from the Supercup: Measuric Racing, Evolution Motorsports and Epic Racing Team finally reach the highest rung of the ladder, while we have two new entries in the shape of EVAL Simracing Team, which dominated the independent series in 2017, and, bringing the total number of teams to 14.

Full lineup:

1 ACR Zakspeed
2 Nordsjoen Racing
3 Wauters Automotive
4 Edonis Engineering
5 Hawkeye Racing
6 Red Archer Virtual Racing Team
7 MadCape Racing Team
8 Streetfighter Racing Systems
9 Storm Racing Team
10 Measuric Racing
11 Evolution Motorsport
12 Epic Racing Team
13 EVAL Simracing Team
14 Flag-to-


The second tier of competition at GPVWC features lots of new faces. Green Stripes Racing joins after being relegated from the Superleague, while five teams, including champions Scuderia Basilea, step up from the Formula Challenge.

Full lineup:

1 Malta Force
2 TG Racing
3 Zedderick Racing
4 Deltec Racing Team
5 Draig Racing
6 Racing Team Schroten
7 Cosmo Autosport
8 ST Racing
9 Green Stripes Racing
10 Scuderia Basilea
11 THUnderdog
12 YTF1
13 Bastvik Racing
14 Holland Racing Team

Formula Challenge

The entry level in the Career Ladder will offer 16 teams a chance to write the first pages of their history in the GPVWC. Only six teams, plus the GPVWC Academy, return from 2017, opening up a lot of opportunities for new outfits to build a name for themselves. Former Superleague front-runners European Williamson Dynamics make a return to GPVWC, albeit with a different, yet to be announced name, while six new teams will take their Career Ladder bow.

Full lineup:

1 STAX Racing
2 Red Arrow Racing
3 TR Motorsports
4 MDR Motorsport
5 Royal Blue Racing
6 TTF Racing
7 Downforce Racing
8 Apex Racing
9 Cenobite Motorsports
10 CM-Tech Racing
11 CR Motorsport
12 Drillers Motorsport
13 European Williamson Dynamics Grand Prix
14 Idos Motorsport
15 WSL Racing Team
16 GPVWC Academy