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Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace. 21 October 2020
December 13, 2016


There were surprises and new entries as the team lineups were unveiled at GPVWC Days, with several new teams entering the Ladder
While the Superleague remained pretty stable, with just Nijo Racing departing out of the teams that finished the season, Supercup and Formula Challenge saw some upheaval.

Two new teams join the top rung of the competition, MadCape and Streetfighter joining the battle for the World titles. One step lower, six teams were promoted to the middle tier of the Career Ladder, with a good number of new outfits in the entry-level Formula Challenge providing fresh blood to the league.

The team lineups are as follows:


1. Nordsjøen Racing
2. Edonis Engineering
3. Vod:Bul Racing
4. Storm Racing
5. Woods Racing
6. Red Archer VRT
7. Kernow Sport
8. Wauters Automotive
9. Green Stripes Racing
10. Hawkeye Racing
11. Streetfighter Racing Systems (*promoted from SC)
12. MadCape Racing Team (*promoted from FC)


1. Satellite Racing
2. Measuric Racing
3. Malta Force GP
4. Evolution Motorsport
5. TG Racing
6. ST Racing
7. Racing Team Schroten
8. Epic Racing (*promoted from FC)
9. Zedderick Racing (*promoted from FC)
10. Cosmo Autosport (*promoted from FC)
11. Deltec Racing Team (*promoted from FC)
12. Draig Racing (*promoted from FC)
13. Hinss Motorsport (*promoted from FC)

Formula Challenge

1. Scuderia Basilea
2. Arrow International
3. Bastvik Racing
4. YTF1
5. EVAL Simracing Team
6. Apex Racing (*new entry)
7. EJ Engineering (*new entry)
8. Holland Racing Team (*new entry)
9. Red Arrow Racing (*new entry)
10. Royal Blue Racing (*new entry)
11. STAX Racing (*new entry)
12. The Mighty Forth (*new entry)
13. THUnderdog (*new entry)
14. TR Motorsport (*new entry)
15. TFF Racing (*new entry)

+ GPVWC Academy.

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