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Circuit de Monaco. 22 May 2019
April 14, 2017
Published on tags: 2017 Superleague


The Superleague season is still as tense as ever after only three rounds of the season.
It's too early to say if 2017 is going to be as close fought and exciting as last season's title races were, but the first three rounds have given us hope that there's a good chance once again.

Three different winners from three different teams and engine manufactures in the first three rounds just show how competitive the entire field is in 2017.
Couple this will all teams having scored points at the end of round one compared to round seven last year
It can be argued that we haven't seen the real season get going yet, with round one having equal cars unlike the rest of the season. Round two having the leader drop out right near the end and round three in the rain; it doesn't give us a clear picture.

GPVWC loves this clouded picture though it means surprises can be around every turn, and often are?.Maybe we can get to 2015 levels where we saw a different winner for the first seven rounds!

So far Gergo Baldi has risen to the top of the pack on the back of his win in China but it's by the smallest of margins. The top seven in the drivers' standings are all in the title hunt at this stage and would take a braver man than I to predict the outcome at seasons end.

We have Rudy Van Buren only two points behind Baldi but with question marks over his racing equipment which started last season and didn't see him finish out the season.

In third and fourth our leagues veterans revitalised- Lee Morris and Alex Cooper. Morris is one of the most expensive divers on the grid and for good reason but again has a question mark over the course of a season (Lee has only completed one full Superleague season and that was back in 2011)

Cooper more recent with a 2015 constructors title under his belt is showing signs of that form but to keep a title challenge up will need to limit races like China where he finished 10th.

Kappet, Fidock and Geier make up the other contenders and we are not writing them off yet- we saw Puschke come back last season from 8th in the standings to rise to the top so it can be done.

The teams title is becoming a little clearer with Vod:Bul Racing lead the teams title ahead of Nordsjoen Racing. Although it's also very close from third to fifth these teams will need their second drivers to start stepping up in order to catch the top two even at this early stage.

The hunt for points continues next around the streets of Valencia giving us a different challenge once again- Superleague will be the winner once again though

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