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Hockenheimring. 24 July 2019
November 04, 2017


Another season is coming to an end - a season that has seen exciting racing, triumphs and defeats and another page of our GPVWC history written - but the gaze is firmly on 2018.
While we all look forward to the off-season - a rare chance to recharge our batteries, regroup and plan our future activities - this is also the time to work towards making the 2018 season even better.

A new season means new teams entering our Career Ladder: a chance for new outfits to take on the best teams in GPVWC and start their way to the ultimate goal - the Superleague World Championship title.

Applications are now open for new teams aiming to enter one of the GPVWC Career Ladder series. In order to register your interest to own a team, potential managers are to login to their GPVWC Dashboard and select "Register Team Interest". They will then be able to choose the series they aim to participate in and enter a short statement to make their application stand out.

Please note: most new teams start their adventure in the GPVWC Formula Challenge, and we recommend they enter that series. Managers can apply to more than one series, of course, to maximise their chances of being selected.

In order to be considered for the 2018 season, application will need to be entered before 5pm on November 12th, 2017. Applications coming after the deadline may be rejected due to lack of available spaces.

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